Nepal Gem & Jewellery Association has been established on 11 Mangsir 2065 BS. (27 November 2003) by pioneer businessperson of gem and jewellery business. It is an authorized national level organization of Gem and jewellery businessperson. It has been working as a facilitator to various tasks related to Gem and jewellery sector as well as handling the emerging problems in contemporary situation by unity. This association formed by the experienced businessperson, who has been involved in this field from long time. Rationality behind the establishment of the association to regulate the market, enhance the quality of products, which can be compete the international market. Quality control is one of our prime concerns that is why association is heading towards setting up a well equip gemological lab in the near future, which will issue the quality certification.

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Namaste, All Respected Viewers,

I feel much honored to welcome you in this website as the president of Nepal Gem and Jewellery Association. I believe this website can provide various information about our association including gem and jewellery products of Nepal.
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2015-05-22's Gold and Silver Price

Rs.45095 per 10gm
Rs.630 per 10gm
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