Nepal Gem and Jewellery Expo 2011

Nepal Gem and Jewellery Expo 2011

Soaltee Crown Plaza, Ktm ,Nepal


Established in 2003, Nepal Gem and Jewellery Association has played a significant role in institutionalizing the Nepali Gem and Jewelry industry by unifying the businessmen working in this sector, promoting export, raising job opportunities, and providing quality service to the customers.


With the view to iron out market irregularity faced by the nation, the Association is dedicated towards exploring the possibilities of national ores and establishing a gemological lab in Nepal, along with promotion and export of jewelleries that meet the demand of the international market. Also, believing strongly in ‘Business with Social Responsibility,’ NEGJA has been contributing for social causes.


The Association has been making major contributions in the development of government economic plan and policy, its implementation and evaluation. With the aim to ensure quality production, and to protect consumer right, all the necessary preparations have been set to establish a gemological lab in the near future. The lab will make it possible to issue quality certification in the nation itself. The Association has also been supporting the nation’s gems and jewellery industries to promote export, create job opportunities, increase public revenue collection, support advancement in the industrial process, and increase investment in the sector.


Nepali jewelry has been of high interest in the international market. Hence, for the first time “Nepal Gem Jewellery Expo 2011” is being organized with a goal to bring Nepali gem and jewellery products under one roof for the international market and investors for the promotion of export. The Expo is scheduled from August 19-21, 2011, where over thirty prominent Nepali gems and jewellery companies will converge in Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza to showcase their finest jewelleries.  Representatives from Gems and Jewellery Associations of India, UK, France, Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka among other nations have already shown keen interest to attend the Expo. Over 10,000 trade visitors including those from concerned government sectors, foreign organizations, and industry professionals are expected to be present at the program.


His Excellency the first president of Republic of Nepal the Right Honourable Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has been requested to inaugurate the first “Nepal Gem Jewelry Expo 2011”.



1. Promotion of Nepali traditional and contemporary jewelleries in the national and international market.

2.    Aid export through promotion of Nepali gem and jewellery products in the international market. 

3.    Explain about the possibilities to explore Nepali ores, excavate, purify and use Nepali raw materials to produce and export high quality jewellery.

4.    Preserve traditional craftsmanship in Nepali craftsmen and encourage handing down of the skills to the upcoming generation.

5.    Show that production of jewelleries up to the international standards using imported raw materials and exporting them would ensure “high value addition.”

6.    Inform international body about the possibility of foreign technology and investment in the sector of gem and jewellery.  

The Expo will also showcase Nepal’s traditional jewelleries at a time when the nation is celebrating Nepal Tourism year 2011. Hence, we would be grateful if you grant us with your presence at the Nepal Gem and Jewellery Expo 2011 and help us by advocating about it in your respective nations.


Contact Person for the expo  :-

Neeja Tuladhar

Office Secretary

Phone No: 4220210, Fax No:  977-1-4252181


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