Established in 2060, Mangsir 11, Nepal Gem and Jewellery Association (NEGJA) has been registered in the Kathmandu district administration office as a non-profit organization (NGO) under Association & Organization Registration Act 2034 BS. Historically precious and semi-precious stones and gems have been used in Nepal by the royals and elites. However, the government allowed trading of gems and precious, semi-precious stones from 2060, kartik 24th, after the liaising form the NEGJA. The unity with over 500 members of the association has taken a new form on the Gem and Jewellery sector. NEGJA also promotes consumer trust and assists its members to follow the best business practices.





Our objectives are mentioned as here in below.


  1. To promote Nepali traditional and contemporary jewelleries in the domestic and international market by organizing seminar, workshops and exhibitions.
  2. To search for new international market for export promotion.
  3. To work closely with the government and help identify new mines, formulate excavation and purification policy and market promotion for the quality production of the domestic gems.
  4. To preserve indigenous skill of Nepali craftsmen and hand it over to the younger generation through regular training programmes.
  5. To establish a Gemology and Gold Lab for the quality certification of the gems and jewellery, and to standardize the weighing machine for harmonization among the businessmen.
  6. To raise a unified voice for the development of the sector.
  7. To regularly organize gems and jewellery expo and invite foreign experts and delegates to share knowledge, and take part in the foreign gems and jewellery expos to get international exposure for the business networking.
  8. To provide a recommendation letter to members organization for purchase of gold from banks and related institutions.
  9. To address issues and problems of member organizations.
  10. To participate in national and international seminar and exhibitions for exposure and business promotion of member organizations.
  11. To lobby and liaison at related levels of government organization and institutions for the promotion of jewelry industry.
  12. To help women in generating income by providing training services related to Gems and Jewellery trade.
  13. Publish souvenir, member's directory and other newsletter to make awareness and establish network among members and general consumers.




Exploring precious gemstone from the Mother Nature provided and enhancing traditionally, with rich craftsmanship, the association is dedicated to promote Gems and Jewellery industry in Nepal setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of business ethics and professionalism.





  1. To provide quality service and products, and promote gems and jewellery industry.
  2. To develop the creative energy of youth and foster a commitment to professionalism, maintain quality and business ethics in the Gem and Jewellery industry.
  3. To build trust, awareness, understanding and desirability for Nepali jewellery products internationally.
  4. To impart a high level of education and training to its member organizations.